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The SOS Brigade, Save the World by Overloading it with Fun Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade , is the club started by Haruhi. The idea was given by Kyon when every club she joined in said it was boring and not very long-lasting. Kyon unintentionally gave her the idea to start her own club, leading to the creation of the SOS Brigade. The objective of the SOS Brigade was to search for Aliens, Time Travelers, and Espers and have fun with them. Kyon is the first member -forced- into the SOS Brigade and the creator of the SOS Brigade website. Kyon is the one person doing most of the work in the brigade. Yuki is the second member of the SOS Brigade, technically not joining, however. Haruhi teared down the Literacy Clubroom after all it's members, with the exception of Yuki graduated. Yuki Nagato is an Alien, or humanoid interface, one of the SOS Brigade's objectives. Mikuru is the third member to join by force by Haruhi's voluntary arrest. She was the mascot character of the SOS Brigade. Mikuru Asahina is a Time Traveler, one of the SOS Brigade's objectives. Itsuki is the fourth and last member to join. He was taken to the club by Haruhi because he was a "mysterious exchange student". He joined the club with no struggle, and is later promoted to "SOS Brigade Deputy Chief". Itsuki Koizumi is an Esper, one of the SOS Brigade's objectives. The literal translation of SOS Brigade is "Haruhi Suzumiya's Brigade to greatly enliven the world".

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